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    All you need to know about the Clothing Manufacturing Business

    What is Clothing Manufacturing?

    Clothing manufacturing is a process of making a garment that includes a number of distinctive operations that contribute to making a whole garment. A piece of cloth goes through several processes before it is ready to be used, such as cutting, sewing, and finishing. The number of sub-operations required for clothing manufacturers in India to create a garment is determined by the availability of the equipment as well as the method of work and skills of the workers. 

    How does a clothing manufacturing business work?

    The intricate journey of garment creation demands a series of carefully coordinated steps. The five fundamental steps to a clothing manufacturing process are:

    1. Pre-production: it includes material sourcing, making patterns and sampling
    2. Production planning: the production team plans all the steps and requirements to create a garment and ensures that all of the operations are scheduled on time. 
    3. Cutting process: this involves both the designer and the kids wear manufacturer in Punjab. The designer provides the design and measurements of the fabric and the manufacturing team cuts the fabric in order to begin the next process of sewing. 
    4. Manufacturing and quality control: as soon as the production is done, the manufacturing teams start their work on the quality check of the product, making sure that the final product that reaches the customers is up to the mark. 
    5. Delivery: The final step after the garment has been approved for its quality and has passed the quality check is then sent for delivery to the customers. 

    Pre-production process in garment manufacturing

    The pre-production phase for a clothing manufacturer in Punjab means creating a plan for all the operations before bulk garment production and executing them in a step-by-step process. For an efficient result, pre-production planning is a must, which is divided into 5 essential steps, which include sourcing and testing raw materials, sample development, pattern making, garment costing, and process planning. 

    Cost of a garment

    This step is to determine how much the production cost of the garment is going to be. It is so that kids wear manufacturers in Punjab can set a selling price that would be acceptable to the customers as well as bring revenue to them. 

    Pattern making and grading

    Pattern-making involves creating a fit pattern that is and a grading sheet that is made of all the required measurements for the cutting so that it can be used again without having to take all the measurements again. 

    Sourcing raw material

    This step is to search for the raw material that you desire for your product. It involves the type of fabric, quality and the cost of raw material. 

    Process planning

     The time of cutting, the time of creating the sample 

    as well creating the final garment comes under the process of planning. When to start cutting and when to submit the product is decided in this process. 

    Pre-production sample

    A sample before creating the product in bulk is prepared in order to give it a quality check so that it is less likely to be rejected by the customer.