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    The Thread Symphony of an Unveiling Shirt Collar Gallery

    People prefer to wear different types of collars as per their choice. People prefer to wear stylish and comfortable clothes. The fabric should meet the personality of the person and every thread weaves a story. Unveiling of shirt galleries can give you the best selection of clothes and elevate the preference of your wardrobe. Embrace the journey of elegance with a chosen piece of a shirt at the gallery. 

    Historical importance of a shirt gallery

    Shirt collars have been the principal of males and females for centuries. It has evolved, with each style having a unique purpose. In the past, collars were worn as a symbol of social status. Kings and queens wore collars that were made up of metal, whereas the residents of the kingdom wore cheap fabric collars. After the Industrial Revolution, collars of shirts became more accessible to individuals. Different styles of collars emerged, reflecting the prevailing fashion trends of the time. People prefer the fabrics of the clothes; the best factories for the clothing manufacturers in Punjab are known for the quality of the shirts. 

    Different types of collar

    There are various types in the collars of shirts. 

    Classic shirt collars

    Collars are an important element for any button-up shirt. It gives you a structural and stylistic look. There are different sizes, shapes, and materials available in the shirts that allow endless fashion possibilities. Classic shirts have two of the most common types of collars. 

    • Point collar: The most common type of classic collar. It is a versatile collar style for both men and women. It is a pointed edge on each side of the collar and is typically medium-sized. Both males and females can wear this style of shirt collar for casual and formal. 
    • Button-down collar: The button-down collar is a more casual collar style. It originated from the sport of polo, where players buttoned down their collars to prevent them from flapping in the wind.

    Spread collars 

    Men’s fashion has a wide range of collar styles that cater to the different shapes of the face and personal styles. In this section, we will take a closer look at the different types of shirt collars that men can sport.

    • Semi-spread collar: As the name suggests, it falls somewhere between a classic point collar and a spread collar. It has a wider distance between the collar points compared to a point collar. It makes a versatile option that can be dressed up or down. 
    • Spread collar: Moving on to the spread collar, this collar type has a wide distance between the points, which creates a more open and expressive look. 

    Cutaway collar

    It is a modern collar style that is becoming increasingly popular in men’s fashion. The collar points have a sharp, angled design that exposes more of the tie knot and creates a unique look. 

    Fashion of collars of shirts in females

    • Pussy bow collar: The pussy bow collar is another standout option, which features a long tie. it can be styled in many ways. This collar is perfect for creating a sophisticated and polished look and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.
    • Mandarin collar: One popular type of women’s shirt collar is the Mandarin collar, which is a short, stand-up collar that originates from traditional Chinese clothing. It can add an elegant touch to a blouse or dress and is often seen in formal attire.
    • Peter Pan collar: Another popular style is the Peter Pan collar, which is rounded and sits close to the neck. It was popular in the 1920s and 30s and has recently made a comeback in modern fashion. The Peter Pan collar adds a sweet and feminine touch to any outfit.

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