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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

The shipping cost always depends on two things – weight and destination. Hence if you are ready with these two pieces of information, we can give you an estimated shipping cost.

 However, please note that due to frequent change in rate of fuel surcharge, and applicable taxes; the shipping cost keeps varying time to time. Also, the estimated weight of consignment affects the actual shipping cost.

 Hence it is not possible to give you exact shipping cost way prior to the time of shipment. In fact, to make it simple we quote ex-factory or FOB price (without freight). Once the consignment is ready, we negotiate with different carriers (DHL / UPS / FedEx Etc) and arrange the most cost effective as well as hassle-free door-step delivery for you anywhere in the world.

We offer a range of sizes, from XS to XXL or according to customer’s demand

We are committed to sustainability and use eco-friendly materials whenever possible. Look for our eco-friendly collection.

100 For designs with a single solid colour

100 pieces per style (mixed sizes) – For designs with embroidery or printing, or if it’s a denim design

Manufacturer at affordable price with quality

The greatest, however, may only be suggested after looking over the specifics of your design.

We can currently produce 60,000 pieces each month.
We’re pros at producing custom apparel, realising your design concepts. Our procedure involves selecting the appropriate fabrics with care, creating intricate patterns, doing comprehensive quality checks, exact production, and seamless doorstep delivery. With the exception of the first design phase, we are fully committed to the process.
We don’t have set prices. To determine the manufacturing costs, we need to know the specifics of your design, the material name or base fabric at the very least, and the overall quantity (large or little) that you would want us to make. We are a custom clothing manufacturer in the genuine sense, and we only make “made-to-order” apparel.
Since we operate a “made-to-order” plant, our production costs are flexible. Instead, we determine the cost of each item of clothing based on the overall number and design details. Therefore, it would be premature to provide you with a random pricing before knowing your design, specifications, and overall quantity.

Almost any type of woven or knitted (hosiery) clothing for men, women and children can be produced by us; we specialise in a wide range of techniques, including hand smocking, fabric printing, yard dye, natural dye, embroidery, beaded and sequin designs and denim washing effects.

Manufacture of women’s clothing:

‏Hoodies, Camis, Crew Neck T-Shirts, Polo T-Shirts, Maxi Dresses, Long Gowns, Blouses, Night Dresses / Sleepwears, Flare Dress, Wrap Around, Long Gowns, Womens Denim Dungarees, Womens Jumpsuits, Sun Dress, Midi, Drop Waist Dress, Pleated Dress, Scarves, Bohemian Styles Womenswear, Skirts, Jackets, Coats, Cocktail Dress, Bridal Gowns, Shift Dress, A Line Dress, Islamic Modest Clothes and Abayas, Pencil Skirts, Long Skirts, Pants, Harem Pants, Fisherman Pants, Pyjamas, Kaftans, etc.

Manufacturing of Maternity, Newborn, and Childrenswear Clothes:

‏Baby swaddle, onesies, and new-born romper Maternity sleepwear, maternity high waist skirts, maternity T-shirts, maternity pants, maternity pyjamas, maternity tops, t-shirts, dresses and blouses, maternity jeans with a rib waist and more

As a well-known manufacturer of smocked clothes, we also work with all kids’ clothing styles, including dungarees, jumpsuits in denim, corduroy and twill, as well as children’s Gingham Check Dresses and Liberty Print Dresses.

Manufacturing Men’s Wear Clothing

Shirts with crew necks, polo shirts, hoodies, various types of shirts, pants, pyjamas, shorts, coats, jackets, blazers, night suits, cargo pants, cargo shorts, cargo pants, gym clothes, breeches for horseback riding, and sportswear, etc.

Please be aware that we do not produce any clothing with genuine or imitation leather, fur, feathers, knit wool, jewellery, or any other type of accessory. Additionally, we do not produce any undergarments, lingerie, panties, thongs, intimates, animal apparel, shoes, or any other footwear items, socks, caps, or Indian ethnic wear.

With our advantageous location in India’s National Capital Region, we have easy access to a wide variety of fabrics and raw materials. We have close relationships with large suppliers of various types of fabric, trims, and input materials as well as fabric mills and knitters, which allows us to provide you with a genuinely custom-made assortment.

In essence, we never have our own stock. We find fabrics, whether they are knitted or woven, in accordance with the specifications provided by our clients. If the requested fabric is unavailable, we have it knitted or woven by our employees in the mill, provided that the quantity of the custom fabric meets the minimal requirements.

A portion of the cloth we regularly use is

The following materials are available: hemp, linen, muslin, cambric, markin, canvas, eyelet fabrics, dosuti, drill, twists, poplin, packing cloth, flannel, rayon, jacquard, dobby, chambray, PK, cord fabric, cotton flex, Georgette, crepe, moscrepe, corduroy, voil, cotton velvet, rayon velvet, denim (woven & knitted), tissue, silk, organza, yarn-dyed, mill-dyed textiles Bosky, Duck, Cotton Ribs, Shantoon, Knitted Jersey, Chiffon, Eyelet, Lace / Sequins, Polyester, Seersucker, Taffeta, Tulle, Velvet, and any other materials you could need to construct your opulent, eco-friendly collection, etc.

Not to mention, we’re among the most reputable suppliers of ecological and ethical apparel. We provide a wide range of environmentally friendly and sustainable materials in accordance with your design specifications, assisting you in realising your goal of creating a sustainable apparel brand.


We accept  Transfer based and online  payment only

You can reach our friendly support team by email or phone. Contact details are on our “Contact Us” page.

We don’t carry any seasonal collections or inventory because we are not a fashion distributor. As a “made-to-order” garment manufacturer, we follow the specifications provided by our clients regarding design and quantity. All of the pieces we send to clients are freshly made.

We don’t actually keep a price list or product catalogue.

We also don’t have any excess inventory. We ship whatever we produce for our customer in accordance with that particular order.

Rejects are not something we also sell. Rather to trash any stock, we would like to distribute it for free to the underprivileged.

We cannot sell a client’s style to another party in accordance with our confidentiality policy.

We don’t carry any seasonal collections or inventory because we are not a fashion distributor. As a “made-on-order” private label apparel manufacturer, we follow our clients’ specifications regarding design and quantity. We produce all of the pieces we ship to customers fresh. Furthermore, it is against corporate policy for us to sell a client’s style to another.

We will be pleased to arrange a meeting with you at any time! However, we are unable to hold walk-in or pop-up meetings. Our important personnel continue to serve current clients or might be occupied with other prearranged obligations. As a result, we might not allow you to attend our previously booked meetings or work.

To get started on the quote process for you, we just ask that you send us a concise description of your needs along with any supporting tech packs, sketches, or sample images and quantity information. When you recognise our value and we have a clear understanding of your needs, we can set up a meeting at our facility that will be fruitful and ensure that our key personnel are available to meet with you.

Despite our greatest efforts, we firmly believe that there is no such thing as a perfect garment industry. Cheap materials are sometimes of low quality and represent immoral or unethical business practices. Therefore, we are unable to offer you high-quality apparel at a reasonable price!

Sure. Among the most competitive are us. Our manufacturing facility is strategically placed in Ludhiana to enable you to save at least 50% on costs as compared to your domestic firms. We can produce your product with affordable minimums thanks to our manufacturing. Our all-inclusive services are among the best available globally. The majority of our rivals are solely sewing contractors, thus in order to do business with them, you must have the appropriate product for their establishment. Beyond that, we help you with all the steps in the development process, including sourcing fabric and trims, testing garments, lab dips, print strike-off, and other associated tasks required to produce clothing.