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Sourcing or Production of Fabrics

When it comes to making clothes, one of the most important steps is getting the right fabric. Fabric sourcing or production is like the starting point for every stylish outfit you want. Imagine it as the foundation of a house. It’s where everything begins. Now, let’s keep it simple. Fabric sourcing means finding the right materials to make your clothes. It’s like picking the best ingredients for a recipe. Ekam Fashion Apparels, one of the Best Hammocks Manufacturers in India, searches for materials that are comfy, durable, and look great. Sometimes, we make the fabric from scratch, like mixing ingredients to bake a cake. Once the perfect fabric is chosen or made, it’s time to turn it into clothes. That’s where the magic happens. The fabric gets cut, sewn, and styled to create awesome outfits.

Sourcing or Development of Trims

When it comes to the art of clothing creation, an essential aspect to consider is the selection of trims. Trims encompass those intricate details that elevate the aesthetics of clothing, including elements such as ribbons, buttons, and beyond. But how do we get these cool trims? Well, it’s a bit like a treasure hunt. Let’s break it down for you. Imagine you want to design a cool jacket, and you need unique buttons. You can either buy buttons from a store (sourcing) or design your very own with the help of experts (development). Ekam Fashion Apparels helps you find the perfect trims that match your style. So. Whether it’s a fancy lace for your dress or a funky zip for your backpack, the top-rated Furnishings Suppliers in Punjab have your back. We make sure your creations look fantastic with the perfect trims.

Explore Our Comprehensive Range of Services

Welcome to the service section of Ekam Fashion Apparels, where we make sure brands shine with stylish clothes. Our mission is to supply top-notch fashion that reflects your brand’s unique personality. Whether it’s trendy tees or cozy sweaters, we have got you covered. We work with top designers to bring you the latest looks.
Additionally, our team streamlines the ordering process, allowing you to concentrate on your strengths. We recognize that fashion can be enjoyable, and we are here to simplify it for you. Let’s create a trendy future for your brand together.

Pattern Making

Pattern making is a cool service offered by our company Ekam Fashion Apparels. We create special templates for clothes so you can make awesome outfits. It’s like drawing a blueprint for clothes, making sure they fit just right. This helps Best Hammocks Manufacturers in India create unique and stylish garments that everyone loves to wear.

Pattern Grading

Pattern grading is like resizing clothes to fit different people. Ekam Fashion Apparels is a clothing company that makes clothes in various sizes. We use pattern grading to make sure each size looks great. It’s like magic for fashion. This helps Furnishings Suppliers in Punjab offer stylish outfits for everyone, from small to large.

Sampling / Prototyping

Ekam Fashion Apparels also offers a cool service called “sampling and prototyping” to brands. It’s like trying out a new video game before it’s finished. We make a sample of your clothes design to see if it’s awesome. It’s like a sneak peek to make sure everything’s perfect before Furnishings Suppliers in Punjab make lots of them. It’s like a fashion test run.

Fabric Dyeing

Fabric dyeing is like giving clothes a magical makeover. When you want to make your clothing unique, you turn to fabric dyeing experts like Ekam Fashion Apparels. This service changes the color of fabrics, making them stand out. It’s like painting a blank canvas, but with clothes. It helps Best Hammocks Manufacturers in India create trendy and one-of-a-kind garments.

Fabric Printing

Fabric printing is an awesome service offered by Ekam Fashion Apparels to brands. We can put any design or logo on clothes. It’s like making custom T-shirts with your favorite patterns or pictures. This lets Best Hammocks Manufacturers in India stand out and be unique. It’s a creative way to make clothing special.

Embroidery (Hand + Computer)

Imagine your favorite clothing brand adding a personal touch to its designs. Ekam Fashion Apparels offers a cool service called “embroidery”. This means Furnishings Suppliers in Punjab can create beautiful patterns and logos on clothes, combining hand craftsmanship with computer precision. It’s like turning a plain shirt into a work of art.

Smocking / Sequins / Beaded / Crystal

Ekam Fashion Apparels offers a super cool service for brands. We can make clothes look extra special by adding smocking, sequins, beads, and crystals. Smocking makes the fabric gather in a fancy way, while sequins, beads, and crystals add sparkle and bling. It’s like magic for clothes offered by Furnishings Suppliers in Punjab.

Denim Washing Effects

Denim washing effects are like magic tricks for your jeans. Imagine your favorite jeans getting transformed into a whole new style. This cool service by Ekam Fashion Apparels, Furnishings Suppliers in Punjab, lets you give your jeans a unique look by fading, distressing, or even bleaching them. It’s like customizing your jeans to stand out from the crowd.

Fabric Cutting

Ekam Fashion Apparels offers a fantastic service called “fabric cutting” to brands. It’s like magic scissors. We take big rolls of fabric and cut them into the right shapes and sizes for making clothes. This helps Best Hammocks Manufacturers in India save time and make awesome outfits without the hassle. It’s super handy.

Sewing / Stitching

An amazing sewing and stitching service is also offered by Ekam Fashion Apparels to brands. We are like the fairy godmothers of fashion, making clothes fit perfectly. With nimble fingers and magic threads, Kid’s Wear Suppliers in Punjab mends, alters and creates outfits that look amazing. It’s like a superhero power of fashion.

Quality Control

Ekam Fashion Apparels provides a “quality control” service, which is like a fashion superhero for brands. We check every piece of clothing to make sure it’s perfect. Imagine no wonky seams or weird colors. This helps Best Hammocks Manufacturers in India sell awesome clothes that we all love. It’s like having a fashion guardian.


Finishing is like the magic touch for clothes. Imagine your brand’s clothes feeling super soft and looking extra stylish. Well, that’s what this service offered by Ekam Fashion Apparels, Furnishings Suppliers in Punjab, does. It adds cool stuff to make the clothes comfy and look amazing. So, when people wear them, they’ll feel like a fashion superstar.

Packing and Dispatch

Ekam Fashion Apparels offers a nice service called “packing and dispatch”. It’s like getting your online orders ready. We carefully wrap up all the awesome clothes and send them out to you. So, you get your cool stuff delivered right to your doorstep hassle-free. This amazing service offered by the Best Hammocks Manufacturers in India is beneficial to every brand.